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India is a tourism friendly country with over 6.58 million foreigners visiting the country every year. Transportation is a very important factor when it comes to travel. Foreigners and NRIs who travel the country and are not very much aware of the transportation system in India, usually find themselves confused. The easiest and probably the best medium for transportation in India is railways. India has a very vast railway network covering almost each and every town of the country. So, if you want to see the real India, you better get your train ticket booked now.

Check your IRCTC Ticket PNR Status

Indian railways provide online railway ticket booking facility through IRCTC website and mobile application. So, if you want to book a railway ticket online in India, you simply need to go to IRCTC website or smartphone app and follow the simple process. Now, the ticket booking process for Foreigners and NRIs is a little different than Indian citizens.

Steps for Foreign tourists to Register and Book Tickets via IRCTC

  1. Visit IRCTC website and click ‘Sign up‘ button
  2. Fill in your details and Submit
  3. Verify your Email Id by following the messages sent to your email.
  4. Follow the instructions given in your email to verify your mobile number with IRCTC. (You may need to send the copy of your Passport along with IRCTC userid)
  5. Once your get the verification code, you can make booking with IRCTC.

India, on a normal, invites 6.58 million outside voyagers and this number is developing at an extremely quick pace. India has an immeasurable system of Railways, interconnecting entire nation. For a Foreign vacationer or NRI who needs to see the genuine India, We very prescribe to utilize immense railroad system of Indian Railways.

IRCTC web entry proves to be useful to keep away from long lines at the railroad stations or to abstain from paying the agents and has office to book advance ticket 360 days before the adventure.

2012 on-wards, there has been a noteworthy change in the technique of booking tickets on IRCTC. Here is a few stages which can help outside sightseers and NRIs to get themselves enlisted with IRCTC and can book the train tickets without bother.